About Me

9 things you may (or may not!)
want to know about me:

In no particular order of importance!

  1. I may be a RE-TIRED registered nurse, minister, and Christian educator; but God is in the business of RE-TREADING folks! Hence, this endeavor—sharing with you by means of this blog! I’m forever dealing with a lifelong “fear” of technology! I don’t even have an electric can opener if that tells you anything! I beseech you! Be patient with me!
  2. I am LIVING (the operative word here!) with a rare form of a rare cancer—really rare, like 1% of 1% of all cancers! Believe me! Being “rare,” “unusual,” “unique,” “fascinating,” “special,” and “a living laboratory” is not all it’s cracked up to be!
  3. I am an AKA (above-the-knee-amputee) thanks to this cancer; however, I have a faithful side-kick who helps me get around—Ms. Peg E. Sue, my prosthesis!
  4. Mountains absolutely thrill me! My heart sings when I see mountains! I am a “MOUNTAIN MAMA” born and raised in the Highlands of Virginia and mighty proud of my Appalachian roots!
  5. I love BOOKS! I love to read! One of my favorite quotes from one of the old guys: “When I get a little money I buy books; if any is left I buy food and clothes.” Desiderius Erasmus (1406-1536)
  6. I JOYFULLY COLLECT paper, fabric, and buttons! And beads, ribbon, and string! And Fomes rimosus, pine cones, and rocks! And…And…And…
  7. I am gifted with precious FAMILY AND FRIENDS who are willing to tote and fetch boxes, bags, buckets and baskets of my “stuff” when the need arises! They are always ready to give me hug, make me a cup of tea or offer a “sloppy” kiss! If you have a grandchild, you know what a “sloppy” kiss is!
  8. I get excited when something that at first glance seems “ordinary” becomes a visible reminder of the “SACRED”—right before my very eyes!
  9. I am always seeking ways to become more aware of and in tune with the “HUM OF GRACE”!