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Good grief! Has it been almost a month since I updated you on the life and times of Donna and Company? I started the reduced chemo regime on November 8 as planned and have experienced fewer side-effects. My energy is better some days. The wound from the removal of the first port is almost healed. Music to my soul!

I am so grateful for our families who made the last few weeks truly a time of Gratitude and Joy! Terry’s sisters, a special brother-in-law, my Mom and my sister, Shawn and his kids including our grandson, Jeffery, who now lives and works in Colorado, and Chris and Heather’s family who have helped entertain us with the “Tucker and Claire Shows.” Tucker’s specialty is playing ball, moving furniture, climbing to top of everything, blowing bubbles, and pulling down all the kitchen towels. Claire shares her delightful dance shows, her pleasure in reading and helping “Pop” with projects peppered with lively conversation. We enjoy celebrating the academic and sports achievements of Collin and Brenna. Music to my soul!

On the flip side, my monkey-mind/chemo brain/forgetfulness continues to be troublesome. This makes it difficult to stick to writing, creative activities, and numerous other pursuits that I enjoy. Hoping my efforts toward celebrating Advent will help me focus a bit better! I’m reading J. Barrie Shepherd’s book, A Child Is Born, Meditations for Advent and Christmas to guide me. Each day it has a scripture passage and prayers for morning and evening. Music to my soul!

We had a complete surprise after my last CT scan! The tumors have not changed (GOOD), but a blood clot was found in my heart (NOT SO GOOD). The oncologist said that it could be caused by the port, the medication, or the cancer. Consequently, I am now giving myself injections twice a day with a blood thinner. He gave me instructions to give the injection at least one inch from my belly button. I chuckled to myself, “First I have to find it!”

Again, I must offer gratitude for your gifts of unfailing love, prayer, cards, and emails. You make Christ’s healing love real for me. You help me remember that we are each a hole in a flute.

“I am

a hole in a flute

that the Christ’s breath moves through,

listen to this



A poem by the 14th century Persian poet, Hafiz, translated from his book, Love Poems From God.


  1. Sarah Phelps
    Dec 5, 2016

    Much love to you and Terry.
    Have a lovely Christmas, Donna.

  2. Tam Larson
    Dec 5, 2016

    Another beautifully expressed epistle of thoughtful insights and appreciation for life and all that it entails. Love you much!

  3. Terry McKay
    Dec 6, 2016

    Dear Friend, you are dearly missed and are ever in our hearts and prayers. I am thankful to hear your side effects are fewer and your energy levels improved, even if only sporadically. I hope you will feel up to working on your book. I am so looking forward to reading it; your message is always so uplifting. A blessed Christmas to you, Terry, and family.

  4. Melodie Davis
    Dec 6, 2016

    Your poem from the 14th century is interesting, especially with a daughter who is a flutist (even though she no longer has time to play it. Maybe some day.

    Thanks for the update. Sending prayers your way. You encourage us all, when we should be encouraging you!

  5. Harriet Smith
    Dec 6, 2016

    Your words are always “music to my soul”. Thanks for sharing. We continue to pray and watch what direction prayer takes you. We love you so much.

  6. JoEllen
    Dec 6, 2016

    Love the Hafiz poetry! What a plethora of resources from God’s toolbox you give each of us as we glean His truth through your pen and presence!

    May God continue to grace you and sustain and strengthen you!


  7. Mary Lou McMillin
    Dec 6, 2016

    Yes dear friend…YOU are ‘music to my soul’ in so many ways. Know that you are being held here in prayer and in the ‘holy silence ‘ of the Bellfry this week! Praying specifically for the clot to dissolve promptly!! And come again no more!
    ILove you!!

  8. Beverly
    Dec 6, 2016

    Donna, continue to hold you before Love and in love. I pray for you and continue to miss your presence here in Richmond,

  9. Marlene Waymack
    Dec 6, 2016

    This is the time of year when the music is always so beautiful to hear and your “music” is no exception. Thank you for your beauty of word and soul. Your ability to glorify God through your suffering is a joy to witness. Prayers for you continue . Love and Joy, Marlene

  10. Louisa Painter
    Dec 6, 2016

    Loved the Hafiz poetry–so very thought provoking. We love you and continue to pray that the blood clot will dissolve promptly. We are grateful that the tumors are not growing and that you have more energy to enjoy your family. Know that we keep you in prayer. May you have a blessed Advent and Christmas.
    Louisa and Bill

  11. Paula McNichols
    Dec 7, 2016

    Family times are the Best, especially with the little ones. Blessings on your family in this time of Advent and Christmas.

    Paula and Mac

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