The Timely Tail of Todd the Cat

Not a Mother’s Day passes without remembering what was certainly a memorable Mother’s Day in 2007 for my family! God is just full of surprises and once again God gave my family a timely reminder that God can take something broken and turn it into a gift!

My daughter’s family had recently adopted a tiny kitten who apparently had been thrown out of a car along the roadside. My grandchildren, ages 2 and 4, named the little fella Todd. His tail seemed to be broken so the kids and my daughter took Todd to their vet. She said, “Let’s give his tail a chance to heal on its own. Bring him back in a couple of weeks and we’ll check him out again.”

About a week later was Mother’s Day. My sweet son-in-law told my daughter to snuggle down and get a few extra winks. “I’ll shower the kids and get them dressed for church this morning!” He went into the bathroom with the kids. Of course, Todd had to be in there with them.

In a few short minutes, Mommy heard blood curdling screams from the bathroom! (Note: blood is the operative word here!) She leapt from her bed in a single bound and threw open the bathroom door to find blood all over the tile and walls, her husband on his hands and knees looking for his contact lenses that he’d dropped when the kids screamed, two freaked out kids clasping each other while standing on the toilet lid, and a tailless cat bouncing off the walls! Todd the cat’s tail was on the floor! Thus began Mother’s Day!

My daughter captured the cat, comforted the children AND her husband who gets a wee bit queasy at the sight of blood, cleaned up the mess, dressed the children, sent them to Sunday School with their badly shaken father, and took Todd to the emergency vet. Poor little guy had to have the rest of his tail amputated to minimize infection! He came home a couple of days later with a tiny stump of a tail and a bandage. The children proudly explained the cat’s “AMPOOHTAYSHUN” to anyone who would listen. Todd healed nicely and became the love of the family!

About a month later, I had an above-the-knee amputation of my left leg to try to stop my relentless cancer. After a week in the hospital and a week in rehab, I went to my daughter’s home to recuperate. The children had no qualms what so ever about my “AMPOOHTAYSHUN”. So what? Todd had an “AMPOOHTAYSHUN!” I had a large dressing on my residual limb. Big deal! Todd had had a bandage on his tail! He got well! Therefore, I would get well!

A few days later, my daughter told me it was time for me to get out of the house for a change of scenery. Little did I know that she was taking the recycle to the dump! When we arrived there, the kids were quick to tell me that children were not allowed to get out of the car at the dump. Apparently, neither could Granu because “you have a boo-boo and just one shoe!” Laughter is healing and so is a change of scenery even if it is the dump!

Later that week, I was using a walker to go to the kitchen. My little granddaughter came running up to me, gently patted the dressing on my leg and exclaimed, “Ooo, Granu! I just love your boo-boo!” Healing is love and acceptance.

My true healing began that week! From a kitten’s misfortune, I believe God used a “teachable moment” to prepare my family for the change that was to come for me! Pain turned into GIFT! Thanks be to God!

 “…give thanks in all circumstances…”

1 Thessalonians 5: 18

By the way…“Happy Mother’s Day!”


  1. Melodie Davis
    May 11, 2015

    Donna, what a very sweet story. I love it. Would you let me use it in the Valley Living magazine I edit? (For pay?) It has courage, a cat, and all the things I love in an article. 🙂 Email me and I’ll work out the details.

    • Donna
      May 11, 2015

      Thanks, Melodie! I’ll be in touch! Blessings, Donna

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