Caring Spirit

Reaching out to folks who seek
strength, courage, comfort, and hope


WELCOME to “Caring Spirit!” My intent in writing this blog is to reach out to folks who may need a bit of comfort, encouragement, and hope. Everyone at some time in life falls into a “desolate pit” or “miry bog” as the Psalmist calls it in Psalm 40, NRSV. It may be the pit or bog of illness, loss, discouragement, or just plain old weariness.

I am inspired to write by the many extraordinary folks who have been and continue to be Christ to me on a daily basis in the most surprising ways! I am also inspired by The Spirit of God who loves us and lives in us—The Spirit who promises to set our feet securely upon a rock, who “helps us in our weakness,” who “intercedes with sighs too deep for words” when we don’t know how to pray. (Romans 8: 26-27, NRSV)

I post as my days unfold and something or someone touches my spirit. Sometimes a memory is jogged by old notes and thoughts jotted on scraps of paper or the margins of my Bibles and books.

My Journey chronicles my very own “miry bog,” my cancer story.

Prayer shares original prayers and others used with permission that you may find helpful on your journey.

Seeds of Hope suggests a word, phrase, quote, scripture verse or some other “holy nudge” that may give rise to an image that enables you to bring your feelings, concerns, joys, and questions before God. Other bits and pieces may give you a chuckle or nurture your spirit! Good gardeners (YOU, my friends!) share “Seeds” with others! So you are invited to share your “Seeds” in the Comment section and plant Hope in the Caring Spirit Community Garden!

Spirit Care offers support as you walk the path of your daily life. You may find refreshment and restoration in the gentle showers of God’s peace and loving care as you enjoy an experience that is designed to help you connect with the hidden holiness in your life. Here, perhaps, you can draw on the Divine energy that encircles you with healing love. Remember, it’s the “little things” that keep you going and bring you comfort, strength, and courage.

Books That  Feed My Soul shares some of the books and writers who have been “food” for my spirit along the road of my life. Perhaps you can share what is meaningful to you!

Terry Waite, the British envoy who was taken hostage in Lebanon in 1987 while trying to negotiate the release of prisoners, was held and tortured for five years. He wrote this prayer found in one of my favorite books, An Iona Prayer Book by Peter Millar (page 43). Terry’s prayer is my daily prayer:

“Lord Christ, give me some of your Spirit to comfort the places in my heart where I hurt… then give me some more of the Spirit so that I can comfort other people.”